Introducing Rototuna Village by Kirkdale

Rototuna Village is set to be a thriving hub of activity, in a location which has grown substantially in recent years and is now yearning for more amenities to service it’s large population.

Being incredibly close to Rototuna High Schools, and nestled against the high end homes of Borman Road, walking to the village will be an easy and sustainable option.

With plans already in place for further growth in the immediate area, Rototuna Village is destined to become a necessary part of Hamilton City.

First Two Retail & Office Blocks to be completed Late 2020

Spaces available to lease.
40 - 400SQM

The role of the Rototuna Village is primarily to serve local needs. The scale of retail, office and other commercial development will be controlled to ensure that the village functions as a local focal point and to complement other larger centres…

Buildings are the most predominant of the development, with frontages on to both Borman and North City Roads. It is of two storey construction, with proposed ground floor leases containing general retail and cafe/restaurant type activities at this level…

Stage 1 is arranged around the redesigned North City Road and provides a range of retail and office floor space, a new aquatic centre, library, bus interchange, high quality streetscapes and a well-designed, flexible public square…

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In the heart of Rototuna

  • 12 minutes to Hamilton CBD
  • 10 minutes to The Base, Hamilton
  • Easy Access to State Highway 1
  • Regional Destination / Travel Route
  • 25 minutes to Hamilton Airport
  • Close to amenities, parks and supermarkets