Comfortable, easy, enjoyable living
Cleverly designed with everything you need at your door

Designed with modern living
and working in mind

The vision for Rototuna Village was to to create a well-designed, thriving hub with high levels of amenities and quality living, working and playing environments.

To achieve this the Rototuna Village needed to cater to a number of uses, so there is something for everyone such as:

  • Smaller retail and office uses
  • Large footprint retail (Countdown) and office uses
  • Community interests such as a library, aquatic centre and playground
  • A high quality, flexible public square
  • Several schools
  • Retirement villages and care facilities
  • Ample recreational fields

Such a diverse village means the needs of communities, businesses, residents and indeed people of all ages are met. Rototuna Village is destined to become the location of choice for residents and businesses.

Coming and going is a breeze

The village also needed to facilitate ease of movement in and around. The use of on-street parking, carparks, walkways and transport routes provides for this.

A new bus interchange is located to give easy pedestrian access to the library, aquatic centre and shops.

Residents and workers can move effortlessly around the village, with well laid out transport routes, pedestrian friendly walkways and ample parking

Strong pedestrian connections

Walkability is a key component of Rototuna and the layout provides clear and direct pedestrian connections through the village, linking destinations both along and across the main street.

The streets and spaces have been designed with generous proportions in favour of pedestrians. While the landscaping and building aesthetics provides for an attractive and interesting environment. 

An attractive & interesting destination

Much thought was given to the design of the landscaping building frontages so to provide a high quality, interesting and attractive environment.

Designed and built by local owners with long term perspectives, don’t miss out on your chance to secure a place in this premium location.