Rototuna Village - the new destination of choice
Your new location

A beautiful, comfortable, easy place to Live

Located in North City, Rototuna Village is destined to become the thriving, community hub of Rototuna. With an abundance of high quality amenities, everything you need is literally at your door. 

The new Countdown supermarket, several schools, retirement villages and care facilities along with recreation fields, library an aquatic center and retail outlets are all within close proximity. 

Pedestrian friendly, with well thought out routes and upgraded highways makes coming and going a breeze. 

Much thought has been given to aesthetics and landscaping, so your new home is not only easy and comfortable, but beautiful too. 

Unfortunately, there are limited residential properties available; so if you’re interested be sure to enquire now. You’ll be notified as to when properties become available so you can get in first!