A thriving new community in the heart of Rototuna
Everything you need at your door
Comfortable, easy, enjoyable living
A great place to live, a great community to belong

Everything you need is at your door

Rototuna Village is a high quality development, designed with community in mind. Everything you need is at your door, set amongst an interesting, attractive landscape. A Countdown supermarket, numerous retail stores and food outlets, a library, health care, schools and even an aquatic centre are just some of the many high quality amenities you’ll enjoy here.

Move effortlessly in and around the village, with well thought out pedestrian routes, easy access to public transport and ample parking.

Rototuna Village forms the hub of a thriving, modern community, providing a high standard of living for residents. There are a limited number of residential properties for sale in the village, with views either overlooking the village or the sports park .

If you are interested in securing your place in this vibrant community, please register your interest. You’ll be one of the first to know when properties become available for sale.